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Aussie 4V Closed Chamber Ford 351 Cleveland ALUMINUM heads

The new 4V Ford Cleveland Alloy cylinder head has intake ports that flow 330+cfm that is 680+HP out of the box! That's right, no bowl job, no tricks, untouched, 680+hp!


The Exhaust design has been heavily modified to increase flow throughout the lift range.

The exhaust runner has been designed to maximize the lower lift flow which is more important than high lift flow. Testing various flow levels has proven that high lift flow has little, to no benefit. However, low lift exhaust flow alters the torque curve dramatically. The more exhaust flows between .100" and .400" the more the torque curve responds.

The exhaust runner location and bolt pattern has been raised just 2mm (.080") which allows the use of existing exhaust systems. The exhaust port exit has been widened to accommodate today's larger cubic inch engines. 4V headers shouldn't need any matching at all.

The valve bowl has been revised to increase low lift flow producing a much more efficient intake/exhaust relationship. This assists with cylinder emptying reducing pumping losses allowing the engine to produce a broader torque curve.


AFD's latest release is a raised port, small runner 4v style alloy cylinder head that delivers the high rpm horsepower of a 4v design with the added bonus of awesome torque and throttle response,utilizing the same super efficient chamber design used in our 2v heads.

All 4v Intakes will bolt up to these heads. Some intakes will need the intake port floor filled with epoxy and port matched to the smaller chambers.


The new 64cc chamber is designed to minimize detonation by increasing quench area and swirl allowing for a more efficient and complete burn with less ignition timing than the original 57cc chamber that was designed for those that required higher compression. These heads can support larger chambers for blown or turbo engines.

The new chambers are also designed to maximize the efficiency of the exhaust stroke, aiding the reduction of pumping losses (Broad Torque Curve).


Material: Pure 356 Alloy, Heat treated to T6

Chamber Volume:57cc, 64cc or custom chamber sizes.

Intake Runner Volume: 235cc

Exhaust Runner Volume: 125cc

Valves - Intake:2.190"

             Exhaust: 1.710

Valve Guides: Phosphurus Bronze

Valve Seat Inserts - Intake: 2.250"x 1.880 x 3/8

             Exhaust: 1.750" x 1.430" x 3/8

Spark Plugs: reach, 5/8 hex, washer seat

Spring Seats: 1.550" od/.560 id

Valve Spring Height: 1.900" (with stock length valve)

All cylinder heads are machined to accept 7/16 rocker studs and guide plates.

These heads are BRAND NEW. They will be replace if they are faulty in any way. Valve train NOT included.


Q: Is there any shipping charge?
A: No, the price includes shipping to your door.

Q: Do you offer other CC chambers?
A: Yes we do, please ask!

Q: Do you offer a 2V Alloy head?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What cam do you suggest?
A: I don't have any specific cam preferences. Most of the cams available off the shelf or catalogue have to much exhaust duration for these heads, they are best used with 6 degrees more on the exhaust than the intake and ground on a 108 lobe center separation angle. After ordering we can recommend a cam once we know: Engine capacity, Fuel rating, Compression ratio, Transmission/gearbox, Differential ratio/tire diameter, Intake manifold RPM range required, Header diameter.

Q: Can we call you?
A: 503-804-3117 10am - 10pm PACIFIC

Q: Can I use dome or pop up pistons.
A: The pop up pistons can be used, but some reshaping of the dome will be required. Originally they were designed for a flat top piston. Before deciding on a pop up pistons I would advise that chambers be cut down to low 50cc's before piston to valve clearance becomes an issue. This would result in over 12:1 compression ratio. Much better flame travel with flat top pistons.

Q: Can I use these on my Windsor Block (Clevor).
A: Yes, in fact we will supply the heads to you with the Clevor modifications already completed. Ask for details.

Q: What cars can run these heads?
A: Any vehicle that has a 351 2v, small block Ford, 351-c 4/v, 400 4bbl, Aussie 351C or 302C, 351w 2/v, 400m 2bbl, 351-w or a 4v 400-m. Some examples are the Cobra, Galaxie, Cougar, Ford racing GT, Detomaso, Ford cobra jet, F-series, Mangusta, SVT, Torino, Bronco, Ford Truck, Pantera, Drag cars, Windsor, SVO, Comet, Fairlane, Mustang, Mach 1, F Series, street rod, horsepower, closed chamber, Ford motorsport, Ranchero, Aussie falcon, Mach one.

$1,549 by Money Order
$1,595 by 
*2 bare alloy Cleveland heads delivered within the lower 48.
Seats/guides fitted

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