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1 pair (2 Heads) of Aussie 2V Closed Chamber Ford 351 Cleveland heads

Bolt on performance for your Cleveland!

  • Fact - the Aussie's knew how to build heads!
  • Fact - instantly gain more bottom end torque
  • Fact - they will fit on any US Cleveland block
    351C, 351C Boss, 351C HO, 351M, 400M, and 302/351
  • Fact - no need to change intake or exhaust manifolds
  • Fact - instant gain in compression
  • Fact - these heads can be modified to make up to 500HP!
  • Fact - If you own a 4WD Bronco or 351C pickup you need these heads. Your Four Wheel Drive will perform so much better due to the increased low down torque.

Ford built and cast these heads in Australia. The design engineers combined existing technologies and created the ultimate head for the street.

How? Why?

They took the best of both worlds by using a closed chamber 4v style combustion chamber and smaller, more street efficient 2v style porting on the intake and exhaust. If you are driving on the street, , you want these heads on your Cleveland. The "quench" chamber increases your compression and combustion and the fuel air flow is restricted in/out and therefore the engine will work with less fuel.

These are good core heads, they have no cracks. They will be replace if found to be other than described. Valve train may be included but not always. If you want the used valve train please specify when ordering.


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